How to Care for Our Health


What does it indicate to be healthy and balanced?

In the Prelude to its Constitution, which came into force in 1948, the World Health Company (THAT) defines health as “a state of full physical, mental and also social well-being, and also not only the lack of diseases or diseases.”

This state and also the absence of illness have a direct effect on our lifestyle as well as the years that we enjoy it. Actually, medical developments and also boosted economic growth have allowed Spaniards to live longer. Therefore, in current years, life expectancy has improved considerably throughout the world as well as additionally in Spain, which, according to data from the WHO publication “World Health Stats 2014”, is amongst the leading 10 countries worldwide with longer life span. Spanish ladies are, actually, the lengthiest living on the planet, just behind Japanese ladies (85.1 years usually compared to 87.0), while Spanish males have a life span of 79, 99 years.

Nonetheless, at the exact same time, this scenario has generated an older populace: according to the “Nutritional Support Overview for the Elderly” released by Madrid Salud, in Spain 16% of the population is already over 65 years old and also this percentage is anticipated to reach 20% in 2020.

Do we Spaniards remain healthy?

According to the barometer of February 2015 released by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), Spaniards regard that as a whole they have health: 71.4% state it is “excellent” or “great”, compared to 28, 6% that consider it “fair”, or “negative or really bad”. At the very same time, one in ten Spaniards declare to have actually endured troubles frequently or very frequently in their job or in carrying out home jobs in the last month for health factors, while 16.3% insurance claim to have endured some ache or discomfort In this feeling, according to the outcomes of the most up to date “National Health Survey”, which the INE published in 2013, in the previous 5 years there was an increase in chronic illness such as hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity and also diabetes mellitus.

What diseases influence us the most?

According to data just recently released by the National Institute of Stats (INE), illness of the circulatory system stayed the leading reason of death in 2013 (price of 252.1 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants), adhered to by growths (238, 3) as well as illness of the breathing system (91,4). Nerve system pathologies, consisting of Alzheimer’s, were the 4th leading reason of death (46.1 ).

On top of that, there are a variety of illness and conditions that are as major as they are common as well as, however, oftentimes, are avoidable. Amongst them are the following:

Cardiovascular diseases: these are pathologies that can affect the heart (heart attack, angina pectoris as well as cardiac arrest) as well as various other body organs, such as the mind (hemorrhage or analytical infarction) or the kidney (kidney failing). Its look is established by danger elements such as hypercholesterolemia (too high blood cholesterol levels) and also hypertension (too high blood pressure).

Diabetic issues: This is a chronic problem that happens when the body sheds its capacity to make sufficient insulin or to utilize it efficiently, triggering excessive sugar in your blood (hyperglycemia). With time, this glucose winds up damaging the cells, a wear and tear that in the long term causes alterations, dysfunctions and also insufficiencies in body organs such as the eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart as well as blood vessels.

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