Taking Care of Skin Before and After HIFU Treatment


As we grow old, our skin loses collagen which causes a sagging and wrinkled appearance. For this reason, most people are turning to High-Intensity Focussed Ultrasound treatment, which restores firmness and radiance to the skin. This simple, safe, and non-invasive procedure rejuvenates the skin and makes it appear brighter and younger.

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Pre-treatment care

Some precautions need to be taken before you decide to go for this non-invasive skin treatment.

  • Avoid getting sunburn
  • void irritating chemicals
  • Stop antibiotics before the treatment as they can cause skin photosensitivity.

Post-treatment care

It is very essential to take care after the treatment for better and long-lasting HIFU 效果 and to avoid any kind of complications.

Avoid sun damage

Protecting your skin from the sun after the treatment is extremely necessary or else you might damage your skin with sunburn and hyperpigmentation. Apply sunscreen and continue till the skin gets firm.

Keep the skin moisturised

Keeping the skin moisturised after treatment will accelerate the recovery process. Hence, moisturise lightly and hydrate well for better skin recovery and better collagen production. Drinking plenty of water is anyways advisable whether you undergo any skin treatment or not.

Avoid drinking alcohol

Your liver gets strained by alcohol hence, refrain from drinking after the therapy to avoid overworking your liver. After the therapy, deactivated fat will be broken down by your liver. Due to alcohol use, the liver must also break down inactive fat.

Moreover, alcohol thins the blood and overworks the liver due to which there could be significant bleeding since clotting becomes difficult in blood that has a lower density.

Hot baths and showers are a big NO

  • Don’t stress your skin with a hot bath as it is in a vulnerable stage of collagen promotion.
  • Hot showers also remove the skin’s natural oils and increase its chances of injury.
  • Take cool showers to calm your skin, reduce skin irritability, and maintain the skin’s natural barrier of defense.

No vigorous exercises

After treatment, refrain from doing any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting. The body becomes hot and starts to sweat while exercising which can make your skin feel uncomfortable especially if there is any post-treatment swelling or redness.

Although the process of HIFU is simple, it is essential to know about the post-care of the treatment. Hyperpigmentation is quite possible if the right aftercare is not taken.

You also need to keep up a regular skincare routine along with aftercare to keep your skin clear, healthy, and protected from damage by applying sunscreen. Proper aftercare avoids issues and improves the results while also saving effort, time, and money.

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