5 Amazing Amazon statistics that can Help You Sell More Online


Amazon is one of the best platforms for selling online. As of 2018, Amazon is second only to Google to be the largest e-commerce platform globally. Also, it is known as an ideal place to sell online as it has a significant market reach and is among the top five shopping sites in the world. It is a fantastic platform that provides both a physical and an online store.

It is among the best E-commerce marketplaces where you can sell your products, goods, or services in a very cost-effective way. Amazon has gained a significant market share over a short period, and this is due to its excellent marketing strategies. It has developed several methods to attract more customers and to retain them. In this post, I will provide some valuable Amazon stats. I will also tell how these statistics will help you sell more online and get more customers. Top Amazon Statistics:

1. Amazon Is The Popular Platform For Buying Products Online:

The popularity of Amazon is at the highest level in terms of buying products and getting paid for your work. Most people prefer Amazon as it has many benefits that they don’t find in any other E-commerce website. They trust the brand name because it is one of the best in the world. Also, it provides them with the best value for their money. They love Amazon because the product listing is consistently well-organized and has excellent customer service. Also, it offers free shipping for all orders.

2. Amazon Has The Highest Percentage Of Returning Customers:

Most of the consumers love the service provided by Amazon, but some users keep on returning. Amazon is famous for its exceptional customer service and support, but some customers complain. In most cases, if you have a complaint, then Amazon will respond to your queries as soon as possible. Also, they have a 24/7 customer care service to help you with your questions and complaints.

3. Amazon Has The Most Significant Number Of Prime Members:

Amazon is among the top E-commerce marketplaces with a vast customer base. If you want to sell on Amazon, getting as many customers as possible is essential. You can begin selling on Amazon with just one customer base. So, you need to provide the best service and products for your customers to rebuy your products and recommend them to others. Also, try to be friendly with your customers as they are your future business.

4. The Average Time On An Amazon Order Is 2 Hours:

Most people like to spend a long time shopping. It helps them find more options and compare different prices and offers. However, Amazon has developed a strategy to help you deliver the best product to your customers as quickly as possible. The average time for your order to be delivered in 2 hours because they use the Fulfillment by Amazon service.

5. The Percentage Of Total Global Retail Sales:

The percentage of total global retail sales in e-commerce is expected to rise to 50%. In fact, Amazon is one of the companies responsible for this rise in e-commerce market share. They have made great marketing strategies to attract more customers and retain them.


As you can see, Amazon is one of the best platforms for selling online, and it will continue to grow with time. So, suppose you want to sell on Amazon. In that case, you need to develop an effective Amazon strategy to retain the existing customers and attract more customers

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