5 Essential Tips to Maintain your Air Conditioner


The weather is going out of control with each coming year. If it is summer, it is way too hot for us, and vice versa in winter. We always needed something to customize the temperature of our surroundings. Today we have got just the thing in every household as a solution.

The air conditioner cannot condition the temperature outdoors but is a great device that can help you to moderate your temperature indoors. Here are some valuable tips for maintaining your air conditioners to have a customized temperature in your household.

1. Keep it Clean

Clean your air conditioners every three to six months, depending on your area. If you live in a clean environment, a year without cleaning can also work for you. The idea is to clean indoor and outdoor units for the best results.

Of course, it is hard for a regular person to clean both units as the outdoor unit is more complicated. There are those little fins in the condenser that you might break or bend while cleaning. So we recommend you call an air conditioning repair expert.

2. Fix Fins in the Condenser

Let’s say you tried to clean the condenser on your own and accidentally bent or broke one of the fins in the condenser. Or some rock or animal hit your condenser and posed some damage to the fins. You can fix it on your own.

Turn the air conditioner’s power off, grab a dinner knife, and gently squeeze it between the fins that got bent; insert a maximum of half an inch of that knife in, and push the fins back to where they are supposed to be. If it seems complicated, hire an air conditioning repair expert.

3. Get a Programmable Thermostat

The electricity bills would be too high, or the temperature would not be as you want it to be if you do not get yourself a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat helps you change the temperature of your house by rotating a knob.

A good quality thermostat can also show you how much electricity you consume through your air conditioner. So try to get yourself the best thermostat, which might help you get your electricity bills to your expectations.

4. Replace the Filter

Replace the filters of your air conditioners as they can get full of dust and dirt by sucking all the air. Not changing the filters on time would increase the load consumed by your air conditioner and would not even work as good

If you want to avoid purchasing new filters, you can always try fixing or cleaning them yourself. But we always recommend hiring a professional for such complex and sensitive work. It would save you time.

5. Find Air Leaks

Turn off all the fans and windows of your house, light up an incense stick, and slowly walk along the house’s outer walls. If the smoke changes direction or seems to get sucked, follow it, and you will find a leak. 

Get that leak fixed for the best air conditioning results, as more minor things can make a larger impact.

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