Finding the Perfect Fit – Choosing the Right Online Violin Lesson Program


It’s important to find a program that fits you well. The right fit will ensure your success as a violinist.

This lesson features open discussions with Itzhak’s students and a great overview of the common ways to feel comfortable playing your instrument. It also covers topics like choosing the best bow for you.

Know Your Measurements

If you’re a beginner, find an online violin lesson program with a clear structure and a curriculum that meets your learning goals.

You must also know your length to find a violin that fits your arm without straining. Trying to play with an instrument that is too big can lead to physical overexertion, sore arms and neck, shortened playing time, frustration, decreased motivation and poor posture, which can all interfere with your learning. Use a violin size chart to help you find the right fit. And if you’re not sure, visit a local violin or general music shop to try out instruments in your size and feel how they fit on your arm.

Try on Clothes

Learning violin requires a lot of kinesthetic awareness, which makes it hard to communicate verbally. Holding the bow, feeling the tension in your hands, or having a clear view of your finger placement is important to help you develop a healthy playing style.

A good online violin instructor will be able to help you discover a unique technique that is comfortable and healthy for you. This is the most effective way to learn the instrument.

One option is to find a violin instructor who offers trial lessons so you can try them out before committing. Another option is to check out a site like Forbes Music Company, which teaches a hybrid approach that combines modern techniques with classical sounds. Their online violin course is a great choice for beginners, and they also provide helpful articles on technical and inspirational topics. They can also help you choose a violin and accessories that fit your budget.

Know Your Style

Whether you are looking for an online violin lesson to learn classical pieces or want to play your favorite Kanye West or Shania Twain song, finding the right website will help you achieve your goal. Online courses will provide:

  • A flexible schedule.
  • The ability to choose songs.
  • Specialized lessons for beginners or advanced players.

If you are a beginner, consider joining a class taught by a Juilliard instructor and 15-time Grammy winner. With a series of video lessons, he provides the introductory basics and techniques necessary for any beginner to understand.

You can search by rates, reviews, and languages to find the perfect instructor. Classes can be pricey, but receiving personalized attention and feedback is worth it. It’s also important to remember that playing a musical instrument can strengthen your upper body, engage your core, and improve your memory and mental capacity.

Look for a Company You Believe in

If you are going to pay for online violin lessons, you must choose an established website with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. The website should also be able to provide you with information on their refund policy in case you are not happy with your lessons.

It is also essential to consider how you learn – some students resonate best with certain teachers and their teaching styles. For example, some may need a lot of positive reinforcement, while others respond better to constructive criticism.

It is also a good idea to find out what kind of curriculum the site offers. Some online violin lesson programs have a very clear structure designed to teach you how to play in a structured way. Others offer a more free-form approach.

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