What To Look For In Used Pool Tables To Find A “Diamond In The Rough”


In most cases, people decide to buy a used product because it’s more affordable for their budget. Usually, something preowned will be less costly than a brand-new option, but that’s not always true. It depends on whether the item is an antique or vintage version and what it is.

Some games and game tables like pool have become collectibles, albeit the fun pool table is more sought. Getting a good deal on equipment is relatively easy if you’re patient and take your time. When searching for an antique or higher-end variety, these are often passed down from one generation to the next.

You can find an incredible deal if you know what to look for in used tables. You’ll need to determine where it will go, how much space it will need, and who will use it.

From that point, you can narrow down the search to either home or business use, the dimensions, and whether kids will be playing. Consider a few suggestions to find the table that will fit your specific criteria.

What To Look For In Pool Tables To Find The “Diamond In The Rough”

The fun pool table is the one more people search for, albeit some people hope to find a deal on an authentic, high-end, used table to save some money. Brand new tables might be out of reach with the price point, especially when you search for top-of-the-line or if your interest is in an antique piece.

The market is vast, with options not only regarding price but tables meant for use by the whole family, smaller tables to fit in more confined spaces, and commercial or residential options.

You’ll need to determine your specific needs to narrow down the search and consider the following when looking at potential options. Learn where to put a pool table in a small house at https://www.metroleague.org/where-to-put-a-pool-table-in-a-small-house/.

●       How is the piece constructed

When looking at a table, you should test its sturdiness. It should stand steady when attempting to “budge it.” The supports under the table responsible for holding the slate need to consist of relatively solid, sizable (as great as 4″) beams with a support that goes end-to-end consistently with the sideways support system.

The leg braces should be securely supported with feet and legs that are free of any damages or defect

●       Does the table surface consist of slate

When searching for a used table, the options should be narrowed down to playing surfaces consisting only of slate instead of wood. Wood will ultimately give way to warping while slate remains heavy with no likelihood of shifting or distortion. The material can come in up to three sheets with variations in thickness.

You won’t be able to determine with visual inspection whether a table is a slate material due to the felt overlay. You can look underneath and knock since the wood will produce a hollow kickback. Slate can withstand the abuses of pool play and endure an extended lifespan.

●       The felt is an easy reveal of the quality

The felt overlay will readily display whether the table is still in quality condition or hasn’t been well cared for. It should be anticipated that there will be “miscue scuffs” and stains from drinks sitting alongside the players. You don’t want to see thin places, holes in the felt, or wear in the material.

In any event, the felt will likely be an aspect you’ll want to replace if all other table components meet your quality specifications. Professional recovery will create the image of a new piece of equipment and will last for as long as adequate care and upkeep of the material occur.

●       Look for the age of the table

When buying a preowned table, you can look for the age, especially if you hope to find an antique or vintage piece of a certain value. The suggestion is that some of the pool table cabinets will comprise a “maker’s mark” to reveal the year when the table was made.

On some, you’ll find a model number from which you can determine the manufacturer to get the age. That’s especially helpful to learn if parts are still available for purchase with the model.

Final Thought

When searching for the ideal table, research the pool table model to determine whether the manufacturer is of premium quality. When you need customer support or repairs, you will be more likely to find information and parts still available for the table.

When you buy the table, allow professionals to move the piece and set it up in your home. It can be complex, risk damage to the materials, and the potential for injury with the size and weight, not to mention the need to adjust and level the pool table. Go here for tips on buying a pool table.

While pre-owned equipment might appeal to your sense of affordability, a broad range of brand-new tables suits many budgets. After making potential repairs and having it delivered and set up, the prices could actually be quite comparable.

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