Wonderful Catamaran Vacation in Barcelona


There are many types of vacations, some people have their favorites, related to their hobbies or interests. But undoubtedly, everyone perceives vacationing on the water, on a catamaran or sailboat, in the same way. Can there be anything more beautiful than such a vacation? Few people have the opportunity to buy their own boat, but catamaran rental in Barcelona is available to everyone. Moreover, the charter company “Barcelona Boat Rental”, which provides this service, can choose a catamaran option that suits any budget.

Parameters for Choosing a Boat

Everyone chooses according to their abilities and goals, which play a decisive role. You can rent a boat for two people and make a small romantic journey, or you can rent one for a group of two hundred people or more. The main parameters of choice can be:

For how many people is the catamaran rented

  • this could be some family variant or with friends, for 5 people or 25 participants. For such purposes, you can rent catamarans “Voyage 450 DC” or “Big Fish”, you can also view other options
  • if it is necessary for a large company, for 80-120 people, – this would be something like “Sensation S3” or “Sensation S4”
  • for 140-250 people, the “Eco Sail” or “Eco Slim” would be perfect

In any case, the choice of water transport for recreation or walking is a personal matter. Someone might wish to rent a large catamaran for a small number of people. The difference will only be in the cost of the service.

Rental Price

The cost depends on how large a watercraft the client has chosen and its equipment. The owner offers boat rental in Barcelona, which means the cost will be significantly lower than intermediaries, of which there are many in this service market.

Purposes for which boats are rented

They can be varied. The most popular are:

  • celebrate a birthday
  • hold a corporate holiday
  • conduct an unforgettable seminar or business meeting
  • interesting option for a photoshoot
  • unforgettable prom night
  • just a sea trip

The company “Barcelona Boat Rental” also provides additional services, such as:

  • musical accompaniment of the event
  • hosts and DJs can be invited
  • providing inventory and other necessary means if you want to go fishing

What you need to know when deciding on a rental

You need to know the answers to some questions related to the rental:

  • the date for which the rental is planned
  • time and number of hours for the event
  • the need for additional services, including banquet organization
  • the planned route, help with this issue can be offered by the company.

To ensure that the planned event goes excellently, you need to approach all the questions of the company’s managers with all responsibility.

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